We are one of 45 sub-regional sport partnerships operating across England. As a County Sport Partnership (CSP) we are funded by Sport England, by agencies to deliver specific projects on their behalf, by local government and by private sponsorship.

We understand the importance of volunteers for clubs, communities and events. Here at Active Lancashire we can provide opportunities for volunteers with our training and development courses, as well as assist partners to recruit volunteers locally based on their needs.


Volunteering is a fantastic way for you to meet new people with similar interests, gain skills, new experiences and to make a valuable difference to other people and your community. You may be new to volunteering and interested to see what is available, or you may be a regular volunteer keen to view other opportunities and to build up a picture of your volunteering, including logging your hours. Whatever your reason, there is a surprising variety of roles within sport – from officiating to timekeeping, coaching, website design, financial administration to photography or helping out at events. Volunteering can take as little or as much time as you would like to commit. To get started, register here and create your profile to browse through the opportunities/the range of options available in Lancashire.


If you are a volunteer or a paid coach then this is the hub which will support you and provide you with up to date information about coaching in Lancashire. You will find generic training and coach education opportunities, as well as development opportunities on our sports hub. You will also be able to build up a portfolio of your coaching experience by logging your hours, recording your training and qualifications you have achieved which will help you to develop your coaching CV. In addition you will be able to earn rewards. Lastly you will be able to access job opportunities for coaches. So by registering on the hub you will be able to build your skills, improve your employability and stand out from the crowd!

I need People! Providers of opportunities

Do you have an opportunity for volunteers or voluntary/paid coaching work available within a sport/physical activity setting? If so, register using the ‘Need Volunteers’ button to promote your volunteering opportunities, coaching positions and events to all the volunteers registered on the hub. It doesn’t take long – and it may bring you that extra help you so need in your club!