We are one of 43 sub-regional sport partnerships operating across England. As a County Sport Partnership (CSP) we are funded by Sport England, by agencies to deliver specific projects on their behalf, by local government and by private sponsorship.

We understand the importance of volunteers for clubs, communities and events. Here at Active Lancashire we can provide opportunities for volunteers with our training and development courses, as well as assist partners to recruit volunteers locally based on their needs.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of all sport organisations. Sport needs people like you. Behind every medal winner there are people who have given up their time to help them get there; and behind every sporting event are volunteers who help make them happen.

Plus....Volunteering is proven to make you happier! 

10% higher self esteem, emotional wellbeing and resilience

Are 28% more likely to feel what they do has importance

Are 18% more likely to feel proud of themseslves

87% agreed that their life had meaning

88% agreed that they has a lot to be proud of

What is in it for you?

Feel Good factor

Health Benefits

Enhances CV

Develops your skills

Make new friends